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At ‘Libraries of Things’ (LoTs) or ‘tool libraries’, members can borrow for free, or at a low cost, from a range of items, reducing the quantity of items they need to purchase new, use perhaps only a few times, and eventually discard. This gives people the opportunity to participate in a circular economy and learn more about climate change. Piquing people’s interest through access to tools and equipment allows organisations to engage new audiences of people who are not necessarily usually engaged in climate change or sustainability issues. It makes the circular economy something easy to understand and attractive to be part of. When they learn how this has an impact on their carbon footprint, this can open channels to discuss other areas of climate change, especially through further training. It also gives people access to tools required to learn and practice a range of basic skills. While some people might be interested in learning sewing and mending, for example, this might not be something they will pursue without being able to use a sewing machine. LoTs can therefore offer a range of training opportunities and have a unique space to make these accessible to all, breaking down financial barriers to those who could benefit most.

Examples of training that can be provided through LoTs:

– Repair

– Wood-working

– Do-It-Yourself

– Furniture upcycling

– Sewing and mending textiles

– Textile upcycling

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