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Project results


Project “Green Minded”  is a Nordplus Adult Collaboration project, that involves 3 partners from the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

According to the World Economic Forum (2020), COVID-19 and the resulting economic downturn have forced millions of people into unemployment, and those aged 18-24 have been largely affected.
The main project target group is young adults as having the highest rate of unemployment they need to have support for using their potential in contributing to environmental problems, following UN 2030 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a priority in EU Strategic Agenda 2019-2024: “building a climate-neutral, green, fair and social Europe”.
The Nordplus Adult Collaboration project “Green Minded” is aimed:

  • to increase young adults’ awareness of environmental problems,
    to change their thinking and behaviour in different areas: home, workplace and leisure,
  • to enhance environmental social entrepreneurship and active citizenship (including possibilities by EU Green Deal, EU Climate Pact, etc.).

The project will have a high involvement of stakeholders: 24 adult educators will be trained as Green Minded Facilitators, and potentially 120 unemployed adults will participate directly in the training, at least 24 eco-initiatives/small-scale environmental projects will be developed and implemented by participating
adults. Moreover, the training will be combined with e-learning possibilities, which will let reach a broader range of stakeholders not only in the Baltic States but also all over the world.
By participating in the project, adults not only will be changing their minds, attitudes and behaviour, but also will develop transversal skills highly required in nowadays labour market: communication, social, civic competencies, critical thinking, creativity, digital skills, teamwork, and so valued entrepreneurship.
That will help them to improve their employability.