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Green Minded Meeting / 6 June 2021

Green Minded project funded by NordPlus Adult Programme has started with an online meeting.
During the meeting:
🌿 the Green Minded project structure was overviewed;
🌿 the partners from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia presented their experience in environmental education, entrepreneurship and non-formal education;
🌿 Erasmus+ Sustainability, Heritage, Health – SHH, A Tale of 2 Futures and other environmental education projects were presented;
🌿 Partners’ roles in the Green Minded project were discussed;
🌿 A survey of needs analysis was overviewed;
🌿 Analysis of similar projects as a best practice was discussed;
🌿 The possible structure of the Green Minded Curriculum was spoken about;
🌿 The next steps with deadlines were set.
The meeting was full of discussions with fruitful results. We expect all this will lead us to the best quality outcomes 🤩
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