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An international team of design centres, public authorities, research institutions and design practitioners has been working together since 2016 to strengthen awareness and practical application of the “design approach” to circular economy across the Baltic Sea Region. In the first three years, partners from Germany, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden hosted exhibitions and workshops, offered consulting and education programmes, and created networks.

Now, eight partners (including a new partner from Russia) are adapting and promoting various tools and workshop formats developed in the first phase, such as the EcoDesign Sprint. These offers are aimed at both designers and environmental experts who want to deepen their environmental and design competence. As services and digital platforms play a central role in the development of modern circular business models, we have made them the focus of our extension project “EcoDesign Circle 4.0”.

Their best idea was:

a social media campaign, a collection of inspiring stories and examples.

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