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EE #4 “Four benefits of recycling”

This initiative was created in order to raise awareness via on-line campaigns to green mind hearts and minds, to inspire, to unite and activate actions for growing our daily impacts! throughout all existing social and digital channels. 

Themes broughts:

  • Conservation of resources
  • Protection of ecosystems and wildlife
  • Reducing demands of materials
  • Saving more energy

Not only to inspire our online target group but also inspire their close friends, with whom they might be sharing this campaign or inviting to create together this activity while getting together and have a hand on their first digital creation campaign. 

Young adults have gained knowledge during our training, and via this on-line green actions campaign developed transversal skills highly required in nowadays labor market: communication, social, civic competencies, critical thinking, creativity, digital skills, teamwork, and many others and so valued entrepreneurship. The Campaigns were designed digitally and shared on partners organization’s communication channels so as to reach, share and have an impact on our target in Estonia which includes FB, IG, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Also the initiative was shared on the EE partner website.

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