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Green Minded training event #3 in Latvia

Eight young adults from the rural village association “Liepu ielas kvartāls” were trained on Green Minded educational modules by one of the trainers.

Feedback from participants:

They were happy to be learning about different ways to save resources on daily basis – some of these things they had not thought about before. Some of the participants mentioned that many of these things taught are not very relevant for the countryside inhabitants, because they have limited knowledge, resources and access to implementing those in their lives. For example, there is just one shop in the village and buying what is available there is the only option (no possibility to consider more sustainable produce). At the same time, there is more produce from surrounding farmers and one’s own garden to be used. Participants also were excited about the event canvas tool, because they have had trouble organizing events in the surroundings in the past. During discussions, they realized that it will be very hard to find participants for their green-minded events, because most young people have been involved in the youth centre of the region, and therefore the activities will need to welcome a broader audience.

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